Introducing smart, cost effective recruitment*

When recruiting a new staff member, it is important to look at the full scale of costs to a local council.

Costs around advertising fees are just the first part of a much bigger picture. Perhaps the most overlooked part is the time and resources that goes into reviewing applications before getting to interview stage.

Add to this the interviews themselves; reference checks; the offer; and, one badly overlooked area - the candidate experience. When organisations with limited budgets look for solutions, they are often met with expensive products that have lengthy lock-in contracts.

It is for this reason that the Talent Propeller e-Recruitment system has proved so popular with district councils across Australia and New Zealand. Talent Propeller provides a full-scale recruitment solution including candidate management, advertising and a dedicated careers website.

Founding director Sharon Ballantyne feels that Talent Propeller meets many needs for local government. “With tight budgets and high recruitment needs, Talent Propeller proves incredibly effective in cutting the time spent on the whole recruitment process while also enhancing their employment brand.”
As for the application process for candidates, Sharon feels that this is enhanced through the Candidate Management System. “This system brings the complete application process online and is designed to ensure candidates receive the feedback they are looking for when applying for a role.”

Talent Propeller aren’t just limited to e-Recruitment either with a host of other services including shortlisting services, reference checks and phone interviews.  Sharon and her team welcome any discussions about e-Recruitment and recruitment in general, and the changes it could make to your organisation.

*Copy supplied by Talent Propeller

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