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Base systems change on evidence*

As consultants QRMC observes a great many organisational change management processes. Some are done well, accomplish management and staff buy-in, and ultimately achieve the anticipated outcomes. Others founder on the rocks of rejection, confusion and frustration, resulting in a waste of the resources dedicated to the process, and an unwillingness to explore new horizons in the future.

Efforts to change management systems can often be facilitated by paying due attention to laying the foundations regarding why the proposed changes will be beneficial. When the champions of change can offer evidence for expected improvements, they will more readily gain the support and cooperation of management and supervisors, who can then provide the appropriate resources, as well as the all-important leadership for the rest of the organisation’s personnel.

These considerations can help:
Vision – where do you want to go with the systems change
Evidence – why will this new destination will be of benefit to the organisation;
Risk-based advice – clarifying the consequences of not acting and the opportunities to be achieved by the proposed change;
Plan – a detailed process to get from point A to B;
Communicate – to provide positive reinforcement of achievements and allow recognition of any problems.

Engaging external consultants can often be of assistance in these processes by providing an objective third party to facilitate the controversial initial steps, and provide supporting extra-organisational experience. QRMC frequently provides this type of assistance, by undertaking gap analysis, planning and facilitation
or providing implementation advice.

*Copy supplied by QRMC

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