Sportsturf provides needed services*

Sportsturf Consultants (Australia) P/L has developed a range of services which are helping both Parks and Leisure personnel better manage their facilities.

Sportsturf, the country’s largest independent consultancy firm practicing specifically in the management of sportsturf areas, has a real understanding of the needs and pressures of sportsfield facility managers and has put together a number of packages to make life easier.

The range of consultancy services includes sportsfield condition; surface safety (playing condition); usage levels and prediction of team capacity; as well as soil analysis & fertiliser recommendations and construction design and management. General lawn areas have also been catered for with a specific package for Personal Training impact, highlighting over & underused areas.

Assessment methods utilise both on-site inspections and input from clients to develop models that are up-to-date and specific to the situation. Reporting has been streamlined to reduce response time and provide a visual understanding of the overall situation and any areas of concern requiring remedial attention.
Sportsturf has undertaken on-site assessments of many Council facilities. While based in Melbourne, we have undertaken this type of work in other states and can easily service your needs wherever you are located.

 For more information or advice contact Ron MacCartney, Director on (03) 9574 9066 or see our website:
*Copy supplied by Sportsturf