Australian innovation reduces cost of road construction and maintenance*

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is versatile, sustainable and easy to use, making it vastly superior to traditional stabilising methods.

Councils and shires around Australia are using PolyCom with great success in a multitude of applications and in many different types
of materials.

PolyCom is easily grader mixed and works differently to other products, enabling the use of thinner layers without cracking, separation or lamination. A PolyCom treated pavement remains flexible, preserving the dry strength of materials that usually fail when wet.

When required, PolyCom works equally well with stabilising machines for greater depths in extreme circumstances.

Pavement Stabilising
A major benefit of incorporating PolyCom into your pavement is that it provides both strength and a pavement that is re-workable at any time. There are no time constraints; it is cost-effective and easy to use, so the requirement to bring in specialists from outside is a thing of the past.

Earthco trains your staff on site to get the most out of PolyCom. We work with your staff and equipment towards solid cost-effective outcomes, encouraging a relationship of collaborative ongoing support with our customers.

Unsealed Roads
By incorporating PolyCom into your existing roads, your maintenance and re-sheeting programs will require far fewer resources and your maintenance intervals can be extended significantly.

Re-sheeting can be eliminated or reduced with PolyCom by reusing and improving the material that is already on site. Our customers continue to use PolyCom because it is a cost negative, proven and sensible solution to the maintenance of unsealed roads.

Dust Control
While there is nothing on the market that can control dust completely, using PolyCom significantly reduces dust, as it creates a tighter surface that releases less dust particles.

Incorporating PolyCom into your unsealed roads means that they are far less likely to collapse and, as a result, the incidence of dust will be notably reduced.

*Copy supplied by Earthco Projects