One-stop shop for Wyndham

Wyndham City’s councillors are now able to access everything they need electronically, through one central and convenient online hub.

Launched in November last year, Wyndham City’s Councillor Portal provides a library of important information for councillors, including meeting agendas and minutes, media releases, details of upcoming committee meetings and notifications of policy announcements from the industry’s peak bodies.

Wyndham City Council Mayor, Councillor Heather Marcus, said the portal operates as a password-protected extranet and is iPhone and iPad compatible.

“The site features a consistent flow of information to councillors, including regularly updated news feeds, briefings, key events and activities, research, reports and statistics, as well as daily diary listings,” Cr Marcus said.

“It’s very convenient to have the latest information at our fingertips and to be able access this information in such a user-friendly way.

“The portal has been a wonderful addition and has been very positively received by our councillors. With information sorted into categories, it allows them to easily and efficiently navigate their way around the site.

“Not only does the portal reduce the numbers of emails between council officers and councillors, it also saves time and printing costs. Bulky meeting agendas no longer have to be printed and delivered to councillors every fortnight – these can now be viewed online.

“We’re making the most of new technology to save time, money and the environment,” said Cr Marcus.