It’s all ‘app’ening in South Australia

The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGASA) has partnered with Deloitte Digital and Esri Australia to develop a mobile phone app for South Australian residents, visitors and investors.

The app is a further addition to the LGASA’s communications plan under the ‘Local Excellence – Councils Working Together for Communities’ program.
The ‘My Local Services App’ will provide a mobile database containing a range of location-based information, including parks, libraries, public conveniences and dog-friendly spaces.

LGASA President, Mayor Kym McHugh, said the LGASA undertook a comprehensive development and evaluation process to find the ‘best fit’ provider for the service.

“During the evaluation process it became clear that a collaborative arrangement between Deloitte Digital and Esri Australia would yield the best result for the LGA, councils and our communities,” Mayor McHugh said.

“We are excited to have the advantage of Deloitte Digital’s well recognised experience in mobile app development and user interface design, coupled with the leading Geographical Information System (GIS) capability of Esri Australia, to deliver a compelling and user-friendly mobile solution.”

Deloitte Digital will develop Android and iPhone apps that will display spatially relevant content from council websites that are currently linked through the LGA’s Council Unity platform.

In addition, the apps will use Esri Australia’s ArcGIS Online (AGOL) service to display information related to kerbside waste collection days, development zones and more.

The LGASA will also engage Esri Australia’s Professional Services team to develop a responsive design website to provide comprehensive access to spatial information from Council Unity websites and other databases.

“In a nutshell, we are working with companies at the top of their game in the areas of app development and GIS technology to deliver a comprehensive solution for councils in South Australia,” Mayor McHugh said.