Innovative Truck Tracker App from have recently released an iPad app to help councils and contractor supervisors monitor their operations whilst out and about in the field.

These low cost tablet devices, which are protected from the rigours of fieldwork by rubber cases, are allowing organisations to reinvent how they go about a variety of field inspections.

The tablets are proving easy for employees to use and are improving frontline staff communications, reducing paperwork and speeding up service response.
The Truck Tracker App means that field inspectors can see where any waste truck is at any time. They can also view the GPS trail of where a truck has been on any selected day. 

For example, the device can display the GPS trail of a prior Monday residential route, so field audit staff can travel the route in front of the collection truck, inspecting bin content for composition or contamination. At the same time staff can monitor bin presentation and condition as part of a collection audit.

Different coloured dots on the GPS trail map indicate where the truck lift points were along the route, as well as show incidents flagged by the driver, such as damaged bins, bins not out or obstructed access points. Staff can press an orange dot on the GPS trail to see at what times a vehicle was stationary or press a red dot to see what incident type a driver has registered.

Field inspection staff or supervisors can also use the iPad app to locate service requests or complaints, simply by entering a street address. Staff can look up a bin’s serial number to find the address it belongs to or can request confirmation of what number and type of bins are registered to
any property.

Wastedge’s work-list apps allow field inspectors or supervisors to add notes or attach pictures of problems to sites or send messages to drivers to avoid contaminated bins, all in real-time.

*Copy supplied by Wastedge