Flood Warning ALERT stations installed

Southern Downs Regional Council recently installed four Flood Warning ALERT stations using funding received from the Queensland Government’s Department of Local Government Grants & Subsidies Cyclone & Flood Warning Subsidy program (LGGSP).

Greenspan Technology Pty Ltd installed the stations at four sites throughout the region — at Campbells Gully, Canal Creek, Dalrymple Creek and Upper Dalrymple Creek — all of which are now fully operational.

A Flood Warning ALERT station consists of a raised three-metre platform with spring-loaded access gates, and a three-metre rain tree. An antenna, solar panel and rain gauge are mounted on the top of stainless steel enclosures, which contain the instruments that measure rainfall and river level.

“The data provided by the new Flood Warning ALERT stations will increase Council’s ability to communicate to the community the rainfall data and probability of potential flooding in these areas,” said Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor, Councillor Peter Blundell.

“Given the flooding we have experienced [in January and February this year], early warning of potential flooding will be extremely helpful in terms of making appropriate preparations,” the Mayor said.

The new stations have now been included for data collection and display via the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) website: www.bom.gov.au