Disaster management web client and mobile app available

As technology is constantly developing so too is Guardian Control Centre’s disaster management software.

The age of smartphones and other portable devices has brought with it a demand for software to be available in the field and on a range of different devices.
Guardian has now released web-based client and mobile apps, providing an entirely new way for users to interact with and operate Guardian.

We are currently in the process of rolling out the web client to councils and the feedback we have received has been remarkable.

The new interface can be used on any device with a wireless receiver and a compatible web browser, so tools such as iPads and Android tablets can be used to full effect in your disaster coordination centre.

The web client interface features a streamlined, simplified layout that is easy to navigate and work with. Additional mapping services have now been integrated, which improves the ability to exchange spatial data as GEO RSS feeds and consume web-mapping services from a range of formats.

The addition of a mobile app means that agencies can create new jobs as well as log actions against their existing jobs and complete them directly in the field. The updated jobs are stored on the devices and synchronised with the Guardian server as soon as an active Internet connection is available.


*Copy supplied by Guardian Control Centre