Investment in conflict resolution training makes good business sense

The Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (ACDC), the training and professional development service of the Australian International Disputes Centre (AIDC), offers a range of best practice courses to manage all types of conflict, complaints and grievances.

This year, ACDC’s well known foundation courses have been complemented by a suite of professional development options to ensure that all staff can benefit at each stage of their careers.

AIDC’s Training Manager, Lynne Richards, said that investment in training simply makes good business sense.

“Organisations and professionals understand that continuous change is a fact of modern work life and that to manage its impact, ongoing  professional development is essential,”

she said.  
“It’s a risk management strategy that yields lasting results and enables staff to proactively manage the challenges brought by change, transition and conflict.”

Courses include:
•        Facilitating Difficult Discussions: a two day course intended for managers, team leaders, supervisors and HR staff across all levels who need to give and receive authentic, timely and sometimes sensitive feedback in the workplace. For those who have completed this course, ACDC offers an advanced, one day extension program
•        Complaint Handling: a one day course designed for front line staff who manage customer experiences, face-to-face, in writing or
by telephone
•        Resolution/Dispute Avoidance: a one day course for staff at all levels. Participants learn how conflict escalates, techniques to minimise its effects and the impact of conflict handling modes on resolution
•        Mediation Training and Accreditation: a five day intensive course in which to learn and practise the skills of mediation.  For experienced mediators, ACDC offers Advanced Mediation training as well as a range of professional development courses to maintain accreditation such as ‘Exploration of Matters’,

‘Pre Mediation’ and ‘Polishing the Private Session’, ‘Mediator Micro-Skills’ and ‘The Art of Facilitative Option Generation’.

“Quality training has many benefits,” said AIDC’s CEO, Michelle Sindler. “For councils, it results in a more productive workforce, higher quality work, reduced employee turnover and improved staff motivation.

“For employees, it means career development and increased skill and confidence levels.” ACDC’s courses can be conducted at the AIDC in Sydney or customised for onsite delivery throughout Australia.

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*Copy supplied by ACDC