Coen Aerodrome ready for any emergency

In December 2012, representatives from Queensland Police, Coen Rural Fire Brigade, health services, SES and Cook Shire Council attended an emergency drill exercise at Coen Aerodrome.

As a certified aerodrome, an emergency field exercise is required to be held every two years with a desktop exercise each alternate year. In this instance, the wreck of a light aircraft was brought to Coen Aerodrome to simulate a crash that had taken place just after take-off, with four passengers on board.

Emergency services crews were mobilised by the initial call to police (000), who then took over management of the simulated disaster, coordinating the response and logistics.

Cook Shire Council’s Director of Engineering Services, Tony Lickiss said, “The exercise was a successful event with everyone involved demonstrating a swift, carefully measured response to a potential disaster.”

Mayor Peter Scott echoed Mr Lickiss’ comments, saying, “Being prepared for an emergency at any of our facilities is of utmost importance. It was demonstrated up in Coen that Cook Shire Council continues to provide procedures and processes that ensure buildings and facilities comply with safety and health standards and incorporate best practice management as a benchmark in all activities.”