Bendigo community has its say on health

The community can have their say on Greater Bendigo’s Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan via a series of workshops that commenced on February 4th and are continuing through until February 21st.

City of Greater Bendigo Director of Planning and Development Prue Mansfield says that there is a range of topics up for discussion.

“The three main themes of the Plan are liveability, productivity and sustainability throughout the Greater Bendigo community,” said Ms Mansfield.

“When speaking about liveability we are going to discuss what it means to live in Greater Bendigo and how to achieve healthier lifestyles that include more physical activity and healthy eating during different stages of life and opportunities for social connections.

“In regard to productivity, subjects such as work/life balance, work security and opportunities for age appropriate learning will be discussed.

“Sustainability of food, transport, housing and discussions about climate change will also be covered.

“The workshops are a chance for people to express their views and opinions and make a change in how we approach health and wellbeing in Greater Bendigo,” said Ms Mansfield.

The results of the workshops will enable the City to prioritise health and wellbeing actions relating to infrastructure investments, regulations and advocacy.