Small town, big ideas

Article image - Small town, big ideas ‘Richmond Uncovered’: Kids from Richmond in outback Queensland enjoy a day of boating on the lake. In October 2012, the outback Queensland town of Richmond launched ‘Richmond Uncovered’, a community campaign to promote the small town to a wider audience and encourage population growth. 

Located on the Flinders Highway, in northern outback Queensland, Richmond is halfway between Mt Isa in the west and Townsville on the east coast of Queensland.

In an effort to reduce potential population decline in the remote town, an organisation called Commerce Richmond Inc. initiated the ‘Richmond Uncovered’
campaign, highlighting the town as an ideal place to raise a family, with affordable living, business and employment opportunities, and a quality lifestyle.

Richmond Shire Council Mayor, John Wharton, commented that, “Richmond has a sense of community and belonging. The town is blessed with fantastic people, who are welcoming and friendly, and the people of Richmond are always looking out for each other.

“We believe it’s the little things that make Richmond really special, which is why our statement is ‘Richmond — BIG on the little things’.”

“The ‘Richmond Uncovered’ campaign is a great initiative, as the community is working together towards the same outcomes, which are building a strong future and creating a better quality of life.

“We are looking out for new businesses, new industries, creating jobs and generally making Richmond a better place to live for our children, and the future of the town,” said the Mayor.

The Queensland Government’s Building Rural Communities Fund has provided approximately $14,000 of funding towards ‘Richmond Uncovered’, with additional funding from campaign sponsors, and the campaign is currently managed by volunteers from Commerce Richmond Inc.

Project Coordinator Sara Hales said the campaign is an exciting project that “… aims to inform others of the many reasons why Richmond is a great place to live.”

“We hope to encourage younger people and families to settle in Richmond, and take advantage of the terrific family lifestyle, ample services and opportunities available. We want others to see Richmond in our eyes and realise the little things make a big difference in a country community.
A significant part of the ‘Richmond Uncovered’ project was the implementation of an informative and interactive website —

Sara noted that the website was an important tool in the overall marketing strategy for the campaign: “For towns to remain competitive in attracting and retaining residents, employees and business investment, it is important to engage in a proactive place marketing program. 

“We hope that ‘Richmond Uncovered’ will strategically strengthen the economy of the township of Richmond, ensuring its competitiveness, viability and liveability in years to come.”

Since its launch, more than 8000 viewers have visited the website and Commerce Richmond Inc. and Richmond Shire Council have received approximately 2000 emails from those interested in the campaign, and in Council’s $1 block initiative.