Melbourne Visitor Centre turns 10

Article image - Melbourne Visitor Centre turns 10 Celebrating the Melbourne Visitor Centre’s 10th birthday: some on the many volunteers who provide an invaluable service to tourists and to the City of Melbourne. Melbourne’s tourist hotspot celebrates its 10th birthday in October, with directions, advice and details of city hot spots given to millions of visitors over the past decade.

The City of Melbourne’s Melbourne Visitor Centre (MVC) at Federation Square has assisted more than 8.7 million visitors in its 10 years.

An instant icon when it opened in October 2002, the Melbourne Visitor Centre (MVC) is staffed by 175 volunteers who are passionate about Melbourne.

City of Melbourne Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Alexander, said it was the dedicated tourism staff and volunteers who made the MVC the best place in Melbourne to get visitor information.

“Nearly 60 of our volunteers have been with the centre since it opened in 2002. I am so proud of their commitment to our great city, which attracted more than 24 million visitors in the last financial year,” Dr Alexander said.

“Over this 10 year period, the MVC volunteers have contributed a total of 387,000 hours to the centre.

“Our busiest day at the centre was during the Commonwealth Games in 2006, when we assisted 6858 visitors on the fifth day of the Games.”

The MVC received a facelift this week to celebrate its birthday and the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle buses have also been revamped to match.

“Tourists and city visitors are vital to our retailers and businesses and add to the city’s vibrancy. The Melbourne Visitor Centre and the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle provide an invaluable service in making visitors feel welcome and helping them enjoy all that our city has to offer,” Dr Alexander said.