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Creating knowledge jobs in Penrith

A consortium comprised of the University of Western Sydney (UWS) and the Penrith Business Alliance (PBA), and supported by Penrith City Council, has secured $13.5 million of Federal Government Suburban Jobs Program funding.

Penrith City Council Mayor, Greg Davies, congratulated the Federal Government on its foresight in investing funding in an area that will see huge benefits to the Penrith community, creating 400 new jobs immediately and about 6000 new permanent ‘knowledge’ jobs in the longer term.

Councillor Davies said that the government would see returns on their wise investment many times over.

“This consortium, headed by the University of Western Sydney, who are also investing $14.5 million into the development, has successfully gone in to bat for our community.

“The funding will be used to develop employment space and a Corporate Centre at Werrington, which will seed the longer term development of a comprehensive business park.

“The land is strategically located within the planned Werrington Enterprise, Learning and Living Precinct (WELL) and forms part of the Penrith Health and Education Precinct.

“We are talking about the creation of 6000 new local jobs that will include those in the knowledge industry, such as education and research, as well as the multiplier effect of creating jobs to support that industry.

“This project will create an even greater diversity of employment, investment and business choices within Penrith, meaning less commuting and more time with family for a wide range of workers.

“Council is proud of the part it played, with strong advocacy to the Federal Government through the National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA).

“The NGAA advocates on behalf of more than 20 councils across Australia that are located on the urban fringe of capital cities, each facing the challenges of having enough local jobs and infrastructure.

“The successful UWS, PBA and Council consortium demonstrates the power of alliances and what Council can do to deliver local infrastructure in the communities where it is needed,” said Councillor Davies.