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Website connects the community

In August this year, Woollahra Municipal Council launched an innovative initiative designed to give community groups in the eastern Sydney local government area a greater voice.

Twelve months in the making, the Council’s ‘Community Creators’ website provides groups and individuals with a platform to share ideas and promote community events by bringing people together in an online environment.

The free website allows community members to post or view events from their personal computer or mobile device. They can put out a call for assistance or volunteer to help out with a local project, increasing the access to skills and resources across the community.

The initiative has drawn a positive response and, since it was launched, community groups have been quick to take advantage of the service.

“This website is a dynamic notice board for ideas and contacts, and it provides a fantastic forum for community groups to promote themselves and their events to a much broader audience than might otherwise have been the case,” said Michael Collins, Marketing Coordinator for Woollahra Council’s Community Services department.

Groups can subscribe to the site and increase their reach by connecting with ‘Community Creators’ through social media. It is anticipated that the service will continue to grow and evolve as more groups get on board, and that it will have a positive impact on the local community.

“Woollahra is a very community-minded place and we expect this service will quickly become an invaluable tool for community groups planning events or providing services in this area,” said Mr Collins.