Campbelltown’s ‘Food Trail’ exceeds expectations

Campbelltown City Council, located at the base of the Adelaide foothills, has turned a history of local gourmet food production into a highly successful tourist and business enterprise.

In February 2010, Council launched the ‘Flavours of Campbelltown Food Trail’  campaign in an effort to support local businesses, and to promote Campbelltown as a tourist destination. So far, the Food Trail has exceeded all expectations, fulfilling its primary aims within just two years.

The Food Trail makes links between quality food manufacturers in the Campbelltown region, mapping out a unique journey for visitors and locals alike through the area’s rich foodie heritage, much of which is influenced by the influx of Italian migrants following World War 2.

As a result, the Food Trail offers up a huge variety of foods, including fudge, continental biscuits, almond bread, cakes, nuts, Italian wines, sausages, breads, cheese, smallgoods, coffee, and locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Campbelltown Council’s initiative has also proven to be a major success story for tourism in South Australia, with the ‘Flavours of Campbelltown’ receiving Bronze Medals in two categories at the South Australian Tourism Industry Council Awards 2011.

The ‘Flavours of Campbelltown Food Trail’ continues to grow in popularity, drawing both producers and tourists to the region. The number of businesses taking part in the Trail has grown from nine in 2010 to the current 24. New businesses have moved into the area in order to participate, and existing member businesses have reported a significant increase in over-the-counter sales. Many of these businesses have expanded their enterprises as a result of the increased demand.

To complement the Food Trail and expand its reach, Council involved the member businesses in a series of Moonlight Markets, which were held at Thorndon Park in Paradise in February, March and April this year.

Council had anticipated an attendance of 2000 for the first Moonlight Market and were overwhelmed when a whopping 10,000 people turned up. A speedy review of services and layout ensured that the following markets attracted the same number of attendees and positive reviews.

The Moonlight Markets are now a permanent feature of Council’s event calendar, with the new season beginning in November and markets occurring on a monthly basis over the summer period.

Feedback about the ‘Flavours of Campbelltown Food Trail’ and the Moonlight Markets has been hugely positive, from both the community and from visitors, particularly in terms of Campbelltown Council’s proactive support of the local business community.

A copy of the Food Trail booklet can be downloaded at: