An innovative pipe rehabilitation and repair system

The concept is simple, rehabilitating degraded underground and internal pipes without digging them up. From residential to commercial and industrial or high-rise buildings, it makes no difference, Nuflow can repair any type of pipe utilising the latest technologies in potable approved epoxy resins.

Nuflow is rapidly being recognised for its trenchless repair capabilities and cost effective role pipe rehabilitation, offering  cost effective solutions to almost every pipe problem you could think of without the disruption, time and cost of digging up pipe networks and breaking hard surfaces. The advantage is there are no rectification works to repair buildings, driveways or roads. This is ideal for repairs and preventative maintenance of large networks of infrastructure, such as regional water and sewerage networks.

Utilising the latest technologies and epoxy resins, Nuflow can solve any problem with sewerage, stormwater, drainage or potable water systems. Blueline, the most versatile lining system in the world, structurally repairs any type of pipe in diameters from 40 to 1000mm with minimal disruption. Blueline can be installed on bends, junctions, traps, vertical or horizontal pipes all in one application.

The latest in epoxy lining for potable water, fire systems or pressure pipes from 12mm to 300mm, Redline is a simple restoration technique that completely coats the inside of pipes preventing leaks and pipe corrosion. Unlike conventional repair options that can cause complete facility or site closure, this process can be managed to ensure minimum disruption to business operations
or homes.

*Copy supplied by Nuflow