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Regional arts fund celebrates 21 years

Over the coming months, Dalby District art enthusiasts will be able to see the many local creative artworks that have been brought to life thanks to funding provided through Arts Queensland’s successful Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).

Western Downs Regional Council is hosting an exhibition to celebrate the longevity of the State Government program, which has been instrumental in getting arts projects off the ground in local communities throughout Queensland for the past 21 years.

The exhibition is open at the Dalby Regional Art Gallery and will run until November 18th. Mayor Ray Brown officially launched the exhibition on Friday, September 14th.

Spokesperson for Cultural Development and Community Services, Councillor Carolyn Tillman, said this celebration of 21 years of the RADF in the area showcases the work of many of the funding recipients from Dalby and the surrounding district.

She said Western Downs Regional Council has been recognised as a success story for how the program works well within its rural regional community.

Councillor Tillman cited the two-tiered management of the RADF program, with local committees retained and a regional committee formed, as one of the underlining factors to its success in the region.

“Western Downs Regional Council is the only council in Queensland with a system like this and it does work well. This was implemented when we amalgamated.

“The Dalby Wambo RADF has been going from the beginning and over the years has helped many individuals and groups move from home hobbies to being able to sell their works, publish books, make a CD or help launch a career.

“Many people in our region simply would be unable to develop their skills without the help of the RADF fund.

“This fund, which started as a partnership between Dalby Town and Wambo Shire Councils and the State Government, has been critical in giving people in the country the same chance of development as their counterparts in the city.”