Innovative approach to road stabilisation

Campbelltown City Council’s cost effective and sustainable road pavement stabilisation projects have been recognised for excellence and innovation at the inaugural AustStab Awards of Excellence 2012, held in Melbourne in August.

The Category four award for ‘Innovation or Excellence in Local Government’ was presented to Council for its 21-year commitment to providing sustainable outcomes in road network management.

Between 1991 and 2012, Council successfully implemented 261 road stabilisation projects, accounting for around 10 percent (or around 61 kilometres) of the city’s entire road network, and covering 605,000 square metres of pavement area.

This commitment resulted in direct cost savings of more than $17 million, saving more than 200,000 tonnes of material from disposal in landfill and negated the need to import 150,000 tonnes of material from scarce raw material sources.

Other indirect cost savings included less construction traffic, reduced damage to local roads from transportation operations, significant energy savings, and considerably fewer construction delays due to lane closures.

Mayor of Campbelltown, Councillor Anoulack Chanthivong, said the award was an appropriate recognition of Council’s innovative and sustainable approach to managing its assets.

“Congratulations to all of the Council staff involved in the road stabilisation projects, for seeking the most cost effective pavement renewal methods available, within budget and funding constraints,” Cr Chanthivong said.

Recycling of existing pavement materials by stabilisation is one of the main applications of Council’s road rehabilitation process. Campbelltown’s 685-kilometre road network comprises more than six million square metres of pavement, and forms the largest component of Council’s total asset stock.