Creating thriving neighbourhoods: ICLEI

Local governments must be at the forefront of creating thriving neighbourhoods, as they are the level of governance closest to communities.

Local governments oversee planning processes, establish local policies and regulations, and are at the grassroots in implementing federal and state policies on sustainability.

Mr Martin Brennan, CEO of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Oceania, said thriving neighbourhoods are not only sustainable and liveable: they are vibrant places where communities are resilient, healthy and productive, and where the natural environment is flourishing.

“Thus defined, thriving neighbourhoods embody the concept of a place that integrates the ideals of sustainable development,” Mr Brennan said.

ICLEI Oceania is hosting the Thriving Neighbourhoods (TN) Conference, which will provide council delegates, elected members and administrators with information on the work of other governments, agencies, departments, the private sector and academia, assisting local government in delivering their part of the solution to environmental, social and economic outcomes for communities.

Mr Brennan added that the TN conference was a meeting point for those committed and working toward thriving neighbourhoods.

Various professional and industry groups focused on sustainability challenges in the natural, built and social environments have joined ICLEI in designing and hosting different sessions. The result is a program that tackles all the critical elements in delivering thriving communities.

These include the Planning Institute of Australia, the Australian Institute of Architects, Engineers Australia, Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government, Victorian Local Governance Association and many others.

Thriving Neighbourhoods will be held on 12–14th November 2012 at the Melbourne Convention Centre.
*Copy supplied by ICLEI