Construction kickstart

A campaign to kick start construction jobs has begun, with Gold Coast City Council launching a major infrastructure charges reduction package that could create more than 4000 jobs and add more than $4 billion in developments to the city over the next four years.

The package, designed to support small to medium-sized businesses and create short-term construction jobs, will commence on 1st October. The launch of the package signals that the Gold Coast is open for business, as itís all about creating jobs and encouraging development activity, with ongoing benefits for families and not-for-profit community groups.

Council anticipates another 4000 jobs will be created elsewhere in the economy over the next four years, as a result of a forecast increase in development and construction activity.

In developing the package, Council has ensured revenue from infrastructure charges will support Councilís capital expenditure program. This represents a significant part of a broader framework for a prosperous, competitive economy that acknowledges the significant role of the construction industry.

The Kickstart package was developed in direct response to feedback from the development industry and is expected to yield positive results over the coming months. A recent audit of Councilís development approvals found that 2211 approvals had been granted but not yet acted upon. Furthermore, a total of 1975 Material Change of Use applications and 236 subdivisions had been approved, without works commencing.

Figures also show that in the year to June 2012, construction activity worth $1.2 billion occurred on the Gold Coast. As a result of the new construction package and other initiatives, it is hoped this activity will increase by 10 percent.