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Member reward

Special Purpose Loan promotional offer for 10 year members of APS Benefits.

Membership has its rewards. We value our members. If you are a 10 year member of APS Benefits you are entitled to a reduction in the interest rate of 1% for NEW Special Purpose Loans. Thatís right, your interest rate reduces from 11.90%* p.a. to 10.90%* p.a.

However, during the promotional period ending Friday October 26th, a further interest rate reduction on NEW Special Purpose Loans is on offer. Apply for a NEW Special Purpose Loan during the promotional period and take advantage of a 9.90%* p.a. interest rate. Yes, we do value our loyal members at APS Benefits.

Contact the APS Benefits loans team on 1300 131 809 to discuss this offer.

* Comparison Rate warning. The Nominal and Comparison Rates are identical.

The interest rate is for a Special Purpose Loan only and eligibility conditions apply. A Comparison Rate Schedule is available from APS Benefits and also available on the APS Benefits website.

*Copy supplied by APS Benefits