Meeting the infrastructure asset management challenge*

Growing importance is being placed on the long-term lifecycle costs associated with the operation, maintenance and renewal of physical assets. This has created the need for skills in the management of infrastructure networks such as roads, water supply, drainage and sewerage.

State governments have created legislation requiring local authorities to create and implement asset management plans for the physical infrastructure under their control. Which has also added to the demand for specialists with Infrastructure Asset Management qualifications.

Recognising this need, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA) and the Centre for Pavement Engineering Education (CPEE), jointly developed a program for engineering and science graduates employed in local government and public works authorities in the emerging discipline of Infrastructure Asset Management.

It is no wonder that the demand and popularity of the industry specific four unit Graduate Certificate & eight unit Graduate Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management, through the University of Tasmania, has been on the increase.

The courses, which are very practical, encourage direct application of the skills and knowledge acquired. The application of learnings to problems in the workplace is facilitated by the distance education format, which does not require attendance at a university or face-to-face lectures.

Applicants for the course should hold a Bachelor degree in Engineering or Science (in an appropriate discipline) or an equivalent qualification. An applicant holding a three year Bachelor degree will be required to have had at least three years relevant work experience.

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*Copy supplied by CPEE