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Great place to work

Creating a great place to work and building organisational capacity is a priority for the City of Melville.  To achieve this end, the organisation utilizes the Australian Business Excellence Framework to guide their learning and development culture.

In early 2011, the Trainers Network Team (TNT) was launched, gathering together volunteers from every directorate to become learning and development champions throughout the organisation.

Preceding the launch of TNT, the City’s core training needs were generally outsourced and the idea of creating a network of trainers was born from the need to provide consistent and sustainable in-house training.

TNT sought endorsement from Executive Management, asking for their support and outlining the commitment that would be needed from the directorates to allow each trainer to fulfil their role as a TNT champion.

The City currently has 23 qualified trainers who have all achieved Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. As a cross-organisational team spread across the organisation, these learning and development champions are contributing towards a positive and supportive peer-trains-peer ethos.

Meeting every month, TNT develops and delivers a mix of competency and attendance based training, reviews internal training schedules regularly and have developed structured processes and templates to ensure consistency and sustainability of training materials.

TNT are successfully delivering Customer Service, Business Excellence, Recruitment and Selection, Business Improvements, Intranet and Website Training, Electronic Data Management System Training, Performance Management, Crime Prevention, Stakeholder Engagement and Performance Development Plans Training.

As well as ensuring the delivery of quality sustainable training, results from the last year have shown a reduction in training costs by over 30 percent while staff satisfaction surveys have indicated an overall 10 percent increased satisfaction in learning and development across the organisation,

In the second year of the program, 23 trainers have delivered 45 training sessions with an average attendance of 15 people at each session, in core competencies and organisational knowledge.