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Alliance bolsters service to local government

CT Management Group and Cambron Pty Ltd recently announced the formalisation of an alliance to strengthen the services they offered local government across Australia.

Both organisations are already well known in local government circles. 

Cambron is known for its software linking integrated business plans with governance through to individual workplans, competencies and appraisals.  
While under the chairmanship of Jeffrey Kennett AC, CT Management has become the fastest growing local government consultancy in Australia having established itself as an innovator across the spectrum of local government services, including asset management, financial planning, project management, strategic and community planning and human resources. 

Cambron Managing Director, Gary Bourke, said the alliance was a strategic step for the company.

“Our software provides solutions across a broad range of industries but local government is a specialist area. CT Management Group brings to the table 17 years of industry experience and will be able to provide us with the expert assistance required,” he said.

CT Management Group Managing Director, Michael Courtney, said the company had for some time been looking for affordable, easy to use software to allow them to embed and monitor the solutions they developed – both on a state wide and individual council basis.

He said Cambron was the best product he had seen to ensure the solutions the company developed survived for the long term.

For more information on the alliance phone Michael Courtney on (03) 5221 2566 or visit www.ctman.com.au