Government policy tools that integrate economic, environmental and social goals*

The Australian Centre for Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) is partnering with ICLEI Oceania in a research project that ultimately aims to identify government policy tools that help integrate economic, environmental, social and health goals at the local government level. 

The partners are conducting a review of Australian and international government policies, and will undertake an initial analysis of the benefits, costs and barriers to policy integration.

The study results will be presented during a workshop at the ‘Thriving Neighbourhoods’ conference being hosted by ICLEI in Melbourne on 12–14 November 2012.

The workshop’s aim is to identify early actions local governments can take to deploy integrated policy instruments and help communities to thrive. It will also identify longer-term research opportunities on economic, environmental, social and health policy integration at the community level.

All conference delegates will receive the Discussion Paper and a summary of the workshop outcomes.

‘Thriving Neighbourhoods’ is a conference about emerging global approaches to the planning, design and management of communities and cities that are set to radically improve the sustainability, liveability, health, and productivity of communities.

‘Thriving Neighbourhoods’
12–14 November 2012 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. For more information visit

*Copy supplied by Thriving Neighbourhoods