Embrace the bicycle revolution*

Bike riding has become a major transport option for an increasing number of people in Australia, and its importance as a recreational activity cannot be overstated.

Whether you work in infrastructure design, behavioural change, planning, health promotion, transport or recreation, this is a must-attend professional development event. Bike Futures Conference, 17 – 19 October 2012, Melbourne.

Harry Barber, CEO of Bicycle Network, said, “What was once seen as a sub-culture is now fashionable, healthy and part of the transport solution.
“While bike riding is a key factor in reducing traffic and public transport congestion, it does need a new approach that many political and planning leaders are now grappling with.”

Keynote speakers in 2012 include Johan Diepens, CEO and founder of Mobycon, the leading edge Dutch transport and mobility consultancy. Mr Diepens, a trend watcher and strategist, will discuss different smart mobility solutions that are being introduced around the world.

Fellow keynote speaker Koen van Waes is a traffic planner for the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the current Dutch Cycling City of the year. One of the key elements of the approach of the city is their cooperation with other fields of policy, such as sports, tourism, health, environment and spatial planning.
The conference will also hear from Professor Ross Garnaut, author of Australia’s Climate Change Review, and Professor Rob Adams, AM, Director City Design, City of Melbourne.

The 2012 list of sessional speakers includes professionals from across Australia and New Zealand, as well as from the USA, Korea, Portugal and Iran.
Public inquiries: Bicycle Victoria on 1800 616 600, or www.bikefutures.com.au

*Copy supplied by Bicycle Victoria