Get a life in Holroyd

Employees are increasingly aware of the importance of achieving a work/life balance – they want to work less and spend more time doing the things they love.

Holroyd City Council has adopted a new human resources model to help their staff find more time and energy to look after their personal health and wellbeing.

"We have a structured wellness program that provides employees with options to improve their health and wellbeing." says Manager Human Resources, Helen Connell.

Council's wellness program includes twice weekly boot camp sessions, regular massages in the workplace, annual health checks, fresh fruit, gym, subsidies to quit smoking, and an annual health fair that is well-received by staff.

"These benefits increase morale and productivity in the workplace, and give our staff a sense of achievement." Ms Connell says.

"There is not one single employee who feels they are not benefiting from working at Holroyd."

Flexible work hours – including a four-day condensed week, working from home, regular RDO's, study leave and generous parental leave – are also helping staff achieve a work/life balance.

"We also aim to bring family life into the workplace by holding family-based events." Ms Connell says.

Experts are brought in to host regular Lunch and Learn sessions that give employees new knowledge on a given topic in their lunch break.

"It's very beneficial for staff but we don't assume one size fits all," Ms Connell says.

"Some employees choose a particular interest, while others might be seeking a total lifestyle change. Our wellness program is about having a diversified range of initiatives that really impact on employee wellbeing, work/life balance and general satisfaction with Holroyd City Council as their employer."