Employability creating disability friendly workplaces

Employability creating disability friendly workplaces

A simple workplace modification has improved daily working conditions and future employment prospects for Luke Swain, who has lower body impairment affecting his legs.

Luke is a workshop assistant at Xtreme Force, a small business in Roma, south-west Queensland.

The installation of a hoist system there has helped him complete daily tasks, reducing the need for supervision by his employer.

"I can now independently do everyday tasks in the workshop, because the hoist lifts the vehicles to a comfortable height for me to work under them." Luke says.

"This extra help has assured me that I can do the work, easing my mind on long-term employment."

Xtreme Force employer, Brian Drabsch, says he can now focus on other areas of the business while Luke works.

"I'm always happy to give Luke a hand, but now he definitely doesn't need as much assistance and he can go about his jobs a lot easier. It has made a big difference in our workplace."

Funding for the workplace modification was provided by the Department of Employment Education Work Relations and administered by Employability – a disability employment service that is a separate business unit of Maranoa Regional Council.

Employability is an accredited organisation that supports clients to prepare for, secure and maintain employment.

Employability Supervisor in Charge, Amanda Schneekloth, says workplace modifications give local businesses the opportunity to hire quality workers.

"Luke is a great example of what a person can achieve with a few modifications to the workplace. It can be as simple as providing a customised desk to allow for wheelchair access, or equipment with Braille instructions for the sight-impaired." she says.

"We are very appreciative of the businesses that allow modifications in their workplace and we encourage other others to get involved."

For further details contact amanda.schneekloth@maranoa.qld.gov.au.