New GBM Software Solutions for Local Government*

GBM Software is pleased to announce additions to its range of Local Government business solutions.

These include new solutions for disaster management, road corridor maintenance and web mapping. They share technology with established products that deliver mobile data collection and tree management services and services to control vegetation and animal pests.

The Commander's Console of the GBM Disaster Management Device is automatically updated with real time intelligence from mobile devices in the disaster area. It interfaces with the Guardian Control Centre, which connects GBM situation awareness maps with other Council systems and processes.

GBM Web is a browser delivered rich mapping application that provides a very responsive and intuitive user experience with a fresh modern feel. It presents maps and data views drawn from in-house databases and GIS files as well as external map servers.

The new solutions work with the same custom forms as the successful GBM mobile product that is used by around one in three australian local government organisations.

GBM Custom Forms provides a common data view to Council officers regardless of how they access the systems. The same user definable forms control data editing and map linking on PDA, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop and Web systems.

GBM Software is developed in Australia by Exa-Min Technologies. The company has been providing mobile workforce solutions for around 20 years. For more information on GBM Software solutions for Local Government visit:

*Copy supplied by GBM