Local Government Management Solutions*

Local Government Management Solutions works with a large number of councils across NSW to provide them with expertise in Executive Recruitment and HR Management. Over the last few years there has been a positive move within the industry for councils to take a more strategic approach to the attraction and retention of key positions within the organisation, as well as making an investment in reviewing and improving the service delivery and cost effectiveness of the organisation, by taking a more strategic approach to organisational development using HR innovation.

The best performing councils have taken a broad commitment to ensure their recruitment of senior leadership has been undertaken in a robust and thorough manner. They have ensured that the key elements of the recruitment process has identified the best possible candidates with the demonstrated skills, experience and achievements required of the role, and that the requirements of a merit based selection process has been complied with.

These councils have also invested in other HR initiatives such as an outcomes based performance management system for all staff, structural reviews to ensure resourcing across the organisation is capable of delivering the management plan, and staff engagement surveys to measure staff alignment with the organisation's desired culture and strategic direction.

For over 18 years Local Government Management Solutions has been actively assisting councils in NSW to ensure they recruit strong and highly capable leaders, and has conducted 14 organisational reviews to assist councils to identify opportunities for efficiencies and process improvement.

For further information call Mark Anderson on 02 9242 4161 or visit our website at www.lgms.org.au

*Copy supplied by Local Government Management Solutions www.lgms.org.au