As we approach the end of 2011, it is time to consider where Local Government is heading in 2012.

The most important question for this sphere of government is the pivotal issue of constitutional recognition.

The road to the smooth implementation of this referendum looks increasingly unlikely.

It is clear now that there will not be plain sailing for the measure and there will be a case provided by at least some opponents.

Added to which, it is by no means an easy task to convince the Australian public of any change whatsoever.

Certainly, Local Governments have rallied to support the constitutional recognition.

However, statements of support are only one part of the equation.

What is needed is a national low key education campaign advising people of the issue and telling people of the pitfalls of it failing for a third time.

Local Governments need to start working with their communities to advise and build up support for the measure.

If it is to work, each and every Local Government, must work with its community to get them onside.

It is hard to believe that if there is a concerted effort from every Local Government at the local level right across the nation that the measure could fail.

Every Local Government contains opinion leaders who are connected to every facet of the community.

It has got to be the most extensive grassroots network in the entire country.

Working in every section of the country, Local Government can use this network to deliver overwhelming community support for the measure.

At the 2011 ALGA conference, delegates were treated to a discussion on the best way to proceed with the campaign.

Some of the ideas presented were fantastic. It is time to see them put into practice.

A low key national educational campaign that will disarm any negative or alarmist campaign that may be emerging is now essential.