Bid for wireless CCTV

A wireless CCTV camera network may be introduced across Victoria's western region if a funding application through the State Government's 'Public Safety Infrastructure Fund' is successful.

The funding application will be made to State Government as part of a collaborative project between the five Local Governments of Ballarat, Moorabool, Hepburn, Golden Plains and Pyrenees.

Victoria Police have been consulted throughout the process and if successful would support each of the Local Government areas in addressing community safety issues.

The possible use of a wireless system would better enable police to respond to emerging crime hot spots across the five Local Governments. The system would be used for issues ranging from criminal offences including graffiti and vandalism through to hoon driving and general anti social behaviour.

Importantly for regional councils, the wireless technology will improve public safety at events with significant patronage such as concerts and festivals.

The portability of the new system would not only increase the capacity to reduce crime but also promote a greater sense of community safety whilst also being cost effective.

City of Ballarat Councillor and member of the Ballarat Community Safety Committee Cheryl Bromfield said the wireless project would mean Police had the flexibility to position CCTV at multiple locations across the region at any one time.

"For Ballarat this project would complement already existing hardwired CCTV system that successfully operates in our night club precinct," she said.

"Locally, CCTV has been effective in assisting with behavioural change and has had a positive impact on anti social behaviour.

Crime prevention and improving behaviour in our communities is an issue for all citizens and one that is best tackled with the co-operation from police and all tiers of government.

I commend our partnering councils and hope that through our efforts we will see the introduction of this significant crime prevention initiative come to fruition across our region."

The wireless system would enable the division to monitor activities live or otherwise download captured footage for investigation.

Any concerns from residents regarding privacy and ethical use of CCTV will be accommodated by the establishment of a committee comprising of representatives of each municipality, police and community members.