Environmentally friendly Airion blower*

The latest addition to the Pellenc Green Technology range is the super light, quiet, and environmentally friendly Airion blower.

At just 80 decibels, one of the Airion's biggest advantages is that it is ideal for working in noise sensitive areas, such as golf courses, schools, resorts and nursing homes, at any time of the day. With a maximum power of 750W - which can instantaneously be activated by 'boost' mode, and weighing just 2.6 kilograms, the Airion offers all the advantages of a petrol engine with none of the problems and no direct carbon emissions.

The Airion is fitted with a 4 level speed selector that optimises and adjusts the speed of the air propelled according to the working environment and the site to be cleaned.

A progressive trigger allows accurate control of airflow and the trigger can prevent the scattering of small stones on roads.

Furthermore, the air inlet is located on the bottom of the tool, rather than the sides, minimising potential clothing interference that can sometimes be a problem on side inlet tools.

Its lightweight design also reduces operator fatigue.

As with all the tools in the Pellenc range, the Airion benefits from the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non polluting, odourless operation and a record operating range.

*Copy supplied by Pellenc Australia 08 8244 7700.