Don't let graffiti undermine the appeal of your area*

Unsightly graffiti can reduce the tourism value of an area as well as adversely impacting retail and commercial concerns in shopping precincts and town centres.

If grafitti is removed as soon as possible after it appears on private or public property, this acts as a key weapon against repeat vandalism.

But people need an easy, quick and reliable means to clean up their property.

Paint Supplies of South Australia has purchased Wattyl Graffiti Clean in bulk, is able to pass on major savings to Councils and it will deliver anywhere in Australia.

Available in convenient 750ml spray on bottles, this noncaustic formula is strong and safe. Simply spray it on and then wipe it off. It is also biodegradable and washes up in water.

Wattyl Graffiti Clean is effective against most types of graffiti including aerosol paints, felt markers, ink and crayon.

"This is an ideal product for Local Governments and we are prepared to offer extra discounts to Councils as a goodwill gesture to help reduce senseless vandalism caused by graffiti," said Jeff Arthur Paints Supplies' Administration Manager.

"We are offering the 750ml trigger bottles for just $5 instead of around $25 for other brand products. Larger size packaging is also available at discount rates."

Councils will find this product ideal for their graffiti cleansing teams.

Councils have the option of buying in bulk, then they can pass on these savings to their residents and business owners providing an easy means to remove graffiti as soon as it appears.

For further information contact Jeff Arthur on (08) 8347 7171.

*Copy supplied by Paint Supplies of South Australia.