Novated car leasing aids recruiting and retaining staff*

There's one thing that fleet management and salary packaging companies have in common – novated car leasing. So it makes sense to find one supplier that has the knowledge and expertise to manage an organisations fleet, novated leasing and other salary packaging needs.

The tax advantages of novated car leasing have seen it become an accepted benefit for any employee's remuneration package – not just the executives. In fact it is becoming a strong contribution to any recruitment and retention strategy.

By combining their payroll integration software, online resources, call centre personnel, and administrative and information systems under one roof, Smartsalary makes it possible for any organisation to consolidate novated leasing into their existing employee benefit program.

Of course, many companies also outsource the management of their vehicle fleet to third parties.

If that's the case, partnering with a fleet management company makes sense – and that's where Webfleet comes in.

It's simple – Webfleet helps organisations run their company owned fleet.

Features of this service include procurement and disposal of vehicles through an online tendering system, pool vehicle bookings for vehicles that are shared amongst the workforce, vehicle maintenance, FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) reporting and all the other required services such as roadside assistance, registration renewals, and payment of infringements.

The bottom line is this – whether you're looking for assistance with employee benefits (including novated leasing) or fleet management, Webfleet has the solution for your Council.

For further information call Webfleet on 1300 665 855 to find out how they can help your organisation.

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