Prime Minister to address National General Assembly

Prime Minister Julia Gillard will address the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) National General Assembly during the opening session on Monday 20 June. This is the first time in some years that the Assembly has been addressed by the Prime Minister.

ALGA President Genia McCaffery said the speech should set the scene both for the rest of the Assembly and for the Association's relationship with the Commonwealth.

"The themes of the 2011 National General Assembly - Place, Position and Partnership - reflect the new environment Local Government faces," she said. "The Place theme reinforces the importance of Local Government and the Australian Government working together so that national policies and programs are tailored to meet local circumstances.

"The Position theme picks up on the importance of Local Government being seen and treated as an integral part of the Australian Federal system. The third theme, Partnership, recognises the mutual benefits of the Australian Government working with Local Government in delivering quality services and infrastructure to local communities throughout Australia."

The 2011 National General Assembly is being held in Canberra from 19 to 22 June, and in excess of 700 delegates are expected to attend.