Natural disaster lessons need to be learned

Article image - Natural disaster lessons need to be learned

Lessons needed to be learned from the recent spate of natural disasters, according to the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ). Queensland Mayors who have learned a great deal during the recent floods and cyclones should share their knowledge with other Local Government bodies, according to LGAQ General Manager Greg Hoffman.

He said it is important Mayors passed on their strategies and disaster management knowledge.

"A system of mentoring and operational support by Mayors experienced in disaster management for those new to the role should be considered," he said.

Greg Hoffman also called for extra automatic rainfall monitoring gauges to be rolled out across Queensland.

"Accurate rainfall measurement at micro level could also assist in better understanding the potential flood impacts," he said.

"Some councils have noted that information gathered from farmers and others across their areas showed that rainfall intensity was much higher than recorded at official Bureau of Meteorology stations."