Durability* - Principles for practitione

Principles for practitioners

The Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA) has produced this one day course on Durability Principles based around Australian and International codes and guidelines for general practitioners who seek additional information and knowledge related to the topic.

The course provides an ideal opportunity for training in best practices, which will aid in the assurance that those involved in all infrastructure works and structures in sensitive exposure conditions are armed with the fundamental understanding that will ensure the required design life is met, and that structural integrity and safety is maintained.

The Concrete Institute would encourage all practitioners who wish to raise their awareness on this important topic to attend.

Furthermore, the Institute would encourage all in the industry to support their younger engineers to attend this important seminar to acquire practical skills that are often not fully covered in academic programs, yet are desperately needed within their current work practices.

The knowledge that will be gained from this course will provide attendees with the necessary information that can be immediately applied in work practices.

This will ensure that all parties involved in such projects are attentive and responsive to the essential principles of concrete durability and facilitates the reduction of project risk and potential future liability.

Together with supporting partner Engineers Australia, the Institute aims to deliver a thorough program that addresses all the necessary considerations regarding durability.

For further information, program details and registration visit https://events.concreteinstitute.com.au/nat10durability, telephone (02) 9736 2955 or email technical@concreteinstitute.com.au

*Copy supplied by the Concrete Institute of Australia