BETA – SITE: Pre fabricated toilets by Furphy’s Foundry*

Newly released and on site at the new bus transfer exchange in Koo Wee Rup Victoria, BETA – SITE represents four key elements these toilets were designed with in mind, durability, functionality, simplicity and DDA 1428.1 compliance.


Longevity of the product is ensured by the use of robust materials, as typically seen with Furphy’s products, and manufactured under the guidelines of the Building codes of Australia AS4100.


Quality components and materials selected and fitted throughout the toilet make the BETA – SITE toilet user friendly for the public and maintenance staff alike. Clean lines provided by Terra Flake flooring and stainless steel wall panels make for a cleaner environment by not allowing build up of mould or dirt, and the removal of graffiti is less complicated.


This is achieved by ensuring the elimination of lengthy on site installations. Ready to be installed and connected to electrical and plumbing facilities, the completed unit is loaded on a truck and ready to be installed on site in a day rather than weeks.

AS1428.1 DDA/All access ability

The BETA – SITE toilet also meets the required AS 1428.1 2001 for all ability access. Independently assessed and recommended by MGAC DDA and Accessibility Consulting.

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*Copy suppled by Furphy’s Foundry