What lies beneath...*

Many local authorities and councils recognise the environmental, social and economic benefits that flow from greener urban areas – making buildings, parks, pedestrian zones, highways and other public open spaces more attractive to residents, businesses and tourists.

Unfortunately keeping our urban areas looking beautiful can involve high maintenance as well as being costly and wasteful of water.

The best irrigation systems designed to keep public open spaces and busy urban areas green and leafy are becoming conspicuous by their absence – thanks to innovative self watering systems hidden beneath the surface.

One such product, the Mona Plant System (MPS) uses an extremely efficient watering technique and results in a dramatic reduction of labour, maintenance and costs – not to mention healthier and longer lasting plants.

Watering via the plants roots is far more efficient and environmentally friendly; almost 100 per cent of the water is utilised. And the water wastage that occurs with drip and sprinkler systems as a result of run off and evaporation is eliminated.

Having virtually no obvious surface pipes or other clutter MPS is also less subject to vandalism than traditional systems.

Easy to install and manage, MPS is a modular system made up of a number of small underground water reservoirs that deliver water and soluble nutrients to the plants roots.

The linked reservoirs have one or two main air filler tubes, the only visible part of the system.

The Mona Plant System is available from Green-stay which also provides a free design service for councils.

For further information visit www.green-stay.com.au

*Copy supplied by Mona Plant System