Proposed outer ring road vital

The City of Bunbury is lobbying the other spheres of government for funding to construct an outer ring road.

Providing a direct connection for the five major roads radiating from Bunbury, this proposed ring road is strategically important for the whole South West region.

“It would be both a bypass road for through traffic traveling to the South West and enable the construction of a much needed link road to the Port of Bunbury,” said City Engineer Jason Gick. “It will open up land to the east and south east of Bunbury for further industrial development, particularly new value adding ventures for the Port of Bunbury.

“As well as delivering an economic boost to the region, it will take through traffic and heavy port freight out of the City.”

Jason Gick said with plans for expansion of the Port and the introduction of container movements, this ring road is of strategic importance to the region.

“Although the outer ring road is not yet funded, Council is lobbying hard for the first stage to commence within the next five years,” he said. “It is envisaged that the 18 kilometre dual carriageway would be built in three stages.”

Growth in population and the rapid development of commerce and industry in Bunbury and the South West region have increased the number of vehicles using the local road network, generating the need for safer and more efficient road links.

The outer ring road would also reduce the growing tendency for heavy vehicles to use local roads in traveling between major roads to minimise time and distances.