Manly’s new outdoor gym improving fitness and strength

Article image - Manly’s new outdoor gym improving fitness and strength

Manly Council on Sydney’s northern beaches has installed a new outdoor gym at one of its reserves.

Comprising modern, Australian made exercise equipment, it is designed for low impact cardiovascular workouts. These are especially suitable for seniors and other adults wanting to improve overall fitness and strength.

The outdoor gym equipment allows for weight bearing exercise to improve strength, and an air walker enables cardiovascular exercise, without placing stress on the legs.

The galvanised and stainless steel equipment features a range of durable fitness appliances grouped into four double stations that should support most major muscle groups with chest press, abdominal, and chin dip/lift combinations.

There are also two rest benches, which double as ‘step ups’ or can be used for ‘triceps dips’.

The outdoor gym equipment sits on soft fall rubber and is coloured to blend with the surrounding environment.

“Council believes outdoor fitness equipment is a necessary part of open space development to provide greater opportunities for healthier living within the Manly area,” said Mayor Jean Hay.

“Manly residents can exercise on the new outdoor gym after enjoying a walk or run along the beachfront, or residents can break up their workout with a mixture of exercises designed to improved overall fitness and strength.”  

Council’s decision to install the outdoor gym came in response to growing community demand for innovative, durable fitness equipment that would withstand the seaside environment and is resistant to vandalism.