Inner Harbour restructure plan

Bunbury is a port town and since the 1860s its Port has been a major player in the growth and prosperity of the city and the South West.

With the recent growth in export trade in the region, particularly alumina, minerals sands and woodchips, the Bunbury Port Authority is planning to expand its operations at the Inner Harbour from five to 14 berths.

Planning for this was completed by the Port Authority several years ago in close consultation with the City of Bunbury.

“Our City Vision is to encourage growth and expansion to underpin economic development opportunities,” said Geoff Klem, Executive Manager City Development. “At the same time we want to achieve a balance of not adversely affecting the quality lifestyle our residents enjoy by ensuring appropriate environmental controls and buffer zones are put in place.”

Bunbury Port is Australia’s ninth biggest by volume, annually handling almost 14 million tonnes of cargo.

Until the 1970s the Outer Harbour was the main focus of shipping activity. But its close proximity to the CBD, opportunities for redevelopment to increase recreation and tourism activities and a limited potential for expansion resulted in the construction of the Inner Harbour.

Completed in 1976, the new Inner Harbour is more sheltered, readily accessible by land transport and has substantial room for expansion.

Relocation of a former waste treatment plant and fuel storage tanks from the Outer Harbour area facilitated the Marlston Hill and Marlston Waterfront urban renewal projects. These projects have helped regenerate and build a new vitality into Bunbury.

Expansion planned for the Inner Harbour will provide additional space to accommodate a proposal to introduce container shipping.