Furphy’s Foundry new Fulcrum setting*

This new suite of furniture has a name of significance, the Fulcrum; meaning, a prop, a support, a pivot point. The Fulcrum suite caters to all of these meanings within community meeting places, such as parks and gardens or busy streetscapes.

Designed by Andrew Gibbs, the Fulcrum, focuses heavily on the beauty of timber, leaving the 100 per cent recycled cast aluminium frames, as the support act, to the main attraction.

It also features a clever concealed fixing point that contributes to the seamless look of the suite.

The Fulcrum suite also incorporates, 120 litre, litter and recycle receptacles to complete a contemporary stylish look.

It has already featured heavily in the upgrade of the Coburg Lake park precinct and along with other improvements, it has helped to transform the environment into a warm and contemporary place to meet and relax.

Furphy’s other contemporary timber and recycled cast aluminium range of suites include the, Corso and Metro. This company also has a comprehensive range of heritage style seats and settings. If you prefer mild steel construction such as galvanised or stainless steel then there is an extensive range of furniture that will suit your needs.

Furphy’s Foundry also produces a large range of shelters, urban design essentials including bike racks, bollards, tree furniture, litter receptacles, as well as the Beta Site pre fabricated toilet.

For further information on any of these products visit the website at www.furphyfoundry.com.au

*Copy supplied by Furphy’s Foundry