Bunbury – one of the nation’s top three growth centres

Article image - Bunbury – one of the nation’s top three growth centres

First settled in 1829, the City of Bunbury is now the commercial and residential heart of the prosperous South West region of Western Australia, one of the most diverse and dynamic growth regions in the nation.

Located 175 kilometres south of the Perth metropolitan region, in recent years Bunbury has made a remarkable transformation from a purely industrial city to a lifestyle driven, diverse and thriving city.

A rich maritime heritage has inspired the birth of this waterfront playground. The Leschenault Estuary, deep water port, the sheltered Koombana Bay, a protected boat harbour and the Indian Ocean are within a few minutes of wherever you live in Bunbury.

The City’s diversity is its strength, with retail, manufacturing, construction, health and community services the major employment sectors.

With investment occurring in every facet of Bunbury’s economy, unemployment is well below the national average at four per cent.

Since 2004, Bunbury has averaged an annual growth rate of 4.4 per cent. As such the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) places Bunbury in the nation’s top three growth areas together with Mackay in Queensland and Mandurah just to Bunbury’s north.

The ABS now looks at the Greater Bunbury area including its hinterland in its population figures. In 2009 ABS figures for Bunbury and surrounds was 66,117 residents.

“We have lots of people moving into the area but at the same time we are losing very few,” said Council’s CEO, Greg Trevaskis. “Some of our young people move to Perth for University or other opportunities but quite a number are drawn back to our great lifestyle after a few years.”