Water is Life

Water is Life

Water is Life Mount Alexander (WiLMA) was formed specifically to advocate around the issue of water security and has been successful in raising local awareness. It is a water users’ network of primary producers, industry, business, forestry, river flows and town residents.

Developed in 2005 in response to long term drought and water scarcity, this group works towards complementary water systems – low footprint, low cost, local water harvesting, reduced use and recycling management.

Members work in partnership with Council and local water authorities with the aim of sustaining waterways throughout the Shire.

WiLMA recently worked with Council on a submission to the local water authority’s residential water pricing review and will continue to work with Council and other community groups around conversations towards effective water futures knowledge and planning.

The group has amassed an ongoing knowledge bank from research and from participation in many relevant consultations and negotiations at State and regional levels.

“We’ve presented at an Australian Water Association Conference in 2008 on complementary water systems, and at the International Association of Community Development Conference in 2009 on water futures and rural sustainability,” said WiLMA Coordinator Carol McDonough. “We are a foundation member of the Australian Water Network 2007, a collection of local and regional water futures groups.”

For further information contact WiLMA by email at waterislifema@gmail.com