Turning trash into treasure

A new Resource and Recovery Centre recently opened by Wellington Shire Council in Gippsland in eastern Victoria has reached in excess of 40 per cent recovery of waste disposal.

The $1.4 million development incorporates indoor all weather access, a moving floor to assist sorting, and a tip shop.

The tip shop allows reusable materials from the disposal to be sorted and made available for public purchase.

Wellington Shire Mayor, Councillor Darren McCubbin, said the facility is more about recycling, rather than disposal of waste materials.

“Here we have a facility that focuses on reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and improving the ability to recycle or reuse material appropriately,” he said.

“The goal is to improve the separation and recovery of materials.

“Recovered materials can be stockpiled in a shed, which is enclosed and under cover, making handling easier and helping to protect the general environment.

“The tip shop is also a great way to recycle materials and provides an inexpensive way to pick up that elusive piece of iron, or a recycled chair.”

The facility also includes improved safety features, such as a minimal distance to the conveyor floor, and undercover access.

Sustainability Victoria contributed $300,000 towards the project, with local ratepayers contributing to the balance through a Waste Infrastructure Charge.

This charge of around $25 per year allows Council to comply with Environmental Protection Authority requirements and fund sustainable waste facilities within the Shire.

The Resource and Recovery Centre is part of the Victorian Government’s Towards Zero Waste policy, which aims to promote a more sustainable use of resources in Victoria by 2014.

For further information contact Wellington Council on 1300 366 244.