Melville assesses energy use

Article image - Melville assesses energy use City of Melville Environmental Programs Coordinator, Ben Kelly, demonstrates the Home Energy Assessment Toolkit.

A new portable kit that measures energy and water consumption in the home is now available for loan at all City of Melville libraries.

The Home Energy Assessment Toolkit is a simple tool designed to show people where they can reduce their energy usage and save money at home.

Mayor Russell Aubrey said the toolkit will enable residents to find out more about their energy consumption, helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The star of the kit is the power mate lite, which measures the energy use of appliances such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, television sets and computers,” he said. “It demonstrates how much power is wasted – even by appliances on standby.

“The kit also contains a compass, indoor thermometer, outdoor window thermometer, infrared thermometer, timer and instruction manual. The aim of the kit is to improve understanding of home energy use, home orientation, insulation and how simple changes can save money on utility bills.”

The kit has had positive feedback, with all five kits being consistently checked out since the launch.

Lbrarian Kerry Carter said the public have been regularly requesting the kits.

“The verbal comments are that the kits are a great idea and will be of benefit to the individuals/families to monitor their electrical use,” she said